Using the latest digital technologies we assist you to stream your event online with no fuss.

There is no need to bother with trying to setup cumbersome equipment in order to broadcast your event live.

We step in where others won't!!!

YouView takes your event and streams it live on our site.

We offer secure streams, both to private and public pages.

All you have to do is share the link to your event. Let us know if you would like this to be a private or public stream and we will take care of the rest.

There is no longer just a single page with an embedded video stream, we have now created an events page with a list of all future and past events listed.

There will no longer be adverts popping up on the video and it is now streamed using HTML 5 making it compatible with most devices.

The video codecs used are more modern and we have upgraded our internet speeds that we utilise at our events. All these upgrades and improvements should create a far better experience for the viewer.

We have introduced a DVR type feature that allows the user to scroll up to 4 hours back for preview of the event from the start with the ability to catch up to the current affair. We will also create a link after the event, to recorded version of the stream, for distribution.

There is a need to put a disclaimer in place that we cannot control all variables, for example: Internet connection at the event, Routing between the event and our servers, connection speeds that the viewer is connecting at and technology that the viewer is using. Keeping that in mind we cannot guarantee that the quality of the stream nor that the user will have a completely hassle free experience.


Contact us on: +2783 310 1329

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